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Troubleshooting - Don't have time to get rid of those cumbersome time consuming problems? Call us and take advantage of our knowledge to troubleshoot them. Anything from Printers, Software issues, Network problems or E-mail issues, we can troubleshoot and resolve your headaches.

Upgrades/Migrations - Are you thinking of upgrading to Vista? maybe you want to bring your e-mail in house to be more professional and increase functionality. Getting ready to make the leap to Exchange 2007? Are you still using Windows NT and need to make the move to Active Directory? We can help with these migrations and also assist with other hardware and software upgrades, such as printers, workstations, servers, routers, firewalls, switches etc etc etc.

Internet and E-mail - In today's marketplace it is important to be mobile and in front of the customer. Let us help you utilize the latest technology to access e-mail securely via the internet with tools like Outlook for Web access, Blackberries or smart phones, while seamlessly integrating a solution that will protect you from SPAM and viruses.

Remote Access - Let us help you to gain access to corporate resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it's connecting to your computer in the office or getting access to those critical files. We can setup a secure way to accomplish these task.

Data Backup - This is often one of the most overlooked areas of technology but your data is extremely critical to your business. Are you backing up your data? Have you tested the backup process to be sure that when disaster strikes you can recover quickly? If your data is lost, stolen, damaged or corrupted do you  have the proper amount of resources invested in your backup to be sure you're data is restored with minimal downtime? How much money do you lose by being down for an hour or for a day? Is your backup data secured? Dillard Industries, LLC can help with all of these questions and implement a backup solution that adheres to your standards and your budget!

Storage Solutions - We can setup a distributed file system (DFS) to help with data availability and higher access. satellite offices or remote locations need access to the same data as your main office, we can implement a solution to replicate data, securely, between locations. Maybe you need more space and it's time to implement a solution to give you more capacity such as SAN. Dillard Industries, LLC can handle all of this and much more.